Sunday, October 02, 2005

Tom Floyd Wayside 2Oct05 Day108

I was supposed to do 18 miles today but the best laid plans get left by the wayside when they encounter the real world. Since I forgot to get TP on my last resupply, I had to go into Front Royal for some or use leaves. Opting for the familiar comforts of TP, I went into town and got TP, resupplied and tried to take the pitures off my camera. I say tried because it was going to take ahile to select all 240 of 360 some odd phots as the cd would only accept 240. I opted to just buy a new memory stick. It is only 128mb but it will be more than enough. I did end up getting was too much food and I was struggling to do the 3 miles to the next shelter. I did eat really well today though. I may still be heavy tomorrow but I am only going 10 miles. I plan on trying to take my time though the SNP as my back as been bothering me and so has the rest of my body. If I am not doing better or at least enjoying myself more by Waynesboro, I might as well get off as there is no enjoyment in hiking with pain. It may mean I am stuck travelling with 2 section hikers for awhile as they are also not going fast. Unfortunately one is a snorer so I am putting earplugs in for now. I miss the crickets and frogs and other night noises.



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