Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Pass Mountain Hut 5Oct05 Day111

Last night the weather looked threateningso it was no big surprise to wake up to rain. It was mostly done by morning and was dripping from the trees. Although I made good time, the miles seemed to be hard earned. The body has definitely decided it has had enough. I will try to finish the trail up to Waynesboro and try to enjoy the pace.

This shelter claims it has kissing trees and sure enough, there are two trees that appear to be kissing. I snapped a photo. It is very interesting. Like 2 warts on the sides of the tree reached out and met.

I rolled into camp in pain from my foot. There were 2 section hikers sprawled out and cooking supper over the fire. Too bad the fire was so smokey as it was nice to have. They ended up putting it out because of the smoke. They also tried to feed me but I held out and ate some weight from my food bag. At least I finished off the salad dressing and most of the wraps plus I finished off the last of the peanut butter earlier for lunch. Not sure what disagreed at lunch time, the last of the pb, all the nutella I had with the pb or the Sobe someone bought for me. They also gave me honey in a glass jar for its healing properties.



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