Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Gravel Springs Hut 4Oct05 Day110

I ended up taking a zro here at eh hut even though we are only allowed to stay one night. My back and knees needed the rest. Also, it let me get away from the snoring concert of last night. I spent most of the day alone which was nice. There is only one other person here and he is camping. Hopefully I ate enough food today to lighten the load. I also hope a day of rest will put that bounce back into my step.

I tried very unsuccessfully today to try to get a fire going. I even tried ripping a few pages out of my notebook and they seemed to not want to burn but rather slowly smolder and blacken. I eventually got it going with some help. Also, the area has been picked rather bare of branches so only tiwgs and logs were available and only long logs. It was rahter awkward and annoying. But it was nice to have a fire. Now everything smells like campfire.



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