Monday, October 03, 2005

Gravel Springs Hut 3Oct05 Day109

Only 10 miles today and it seemed like it took forever. The terrain was quite nice with few rocks and easy climbs. I think my pack, heavy from resupply and my back are slowing me down. Tomorrow is a 13.7 mile day but I am considering doing a zero here. First I need a rest but second reason is that the shelter is bulging today with a group of weekenders. Since I can't pull ahead I am thinking of falling behind. I will see how I feel tomorrow. Company is good but silence is golden.

Today was a change. I had some very nice views. I took some pictures and filled up the memory card so I switched out to a fresh card. The next few days should give me more good views.

Not much to write about. I have been thinking about home a lot lately. I am still not sure what I want to do when I get back but the first thing would be to get a full body massage. I would also want to sleep in and not have to get up early. I am wondering if it is time to go home. I really want to finish but the pain is starting to keep me from enjoying the trail. I can always come back and finish the rest as a section hike. I have 942 miles to go. 1232 miles completed.



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