Saturday, October 08, 2005

DC and more rain

I had a chance to explore the Native American museum. It was very nice. They covered most of the major tribes in the Americas. I really enjoyed the modern art portion of the museum as it felt native but looked modern. It was a very interesting blend.

The weather has been very wet the past few days. In fact, it has not totally stopped raining until tonight. I wanted to revisit the Solar Decathalon but it was jsut too rainy, wet and muddy to deal with. As it was, it took all day for my feet to finally dry off. My pant legs dried off relatively fast but the sandals took much longer. I opted to forgo socks and did not know if that helped of hindered the drying process. My feet were very itchy this evening.

I stopped in at Borders Books. Big mistake. I bought some books that I will have to figure out how to pack with my gear when I leave. I did pick up the latest Great Big Sea album and Waking Ned Devine. My kind hosts had never seen it so I picked it up and we watched it. They loved it and it was nice to see it again. It is a really great movie.


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