Friday, September 09, 2005

Delaware Water Gap 9Sep05 Day 85

Today was a mostly relaxing zero day. My box was not at the post office so I may have to sit around and wait for it. This is rather annoying. We didn't go tubing on the river as it was mostly overcast and coolish out./ We ended up at the mall in Stroudsburg waiting for a movie. I bought some stuff at a dollar store as resupply. Mostly I only needed lunch items. I am set for breakfasts and suppers from hiker boxes. The mall was dangerous as the temptation to spend money is all around. I did break down and buy a book. I wanted to get the Neil Gaimen and Terry Prattchet book "Good Omens" but it didn't seem like it would last lone. I opted for a longer book. I did read "The Girl NExt Door" by Jack Ketchum. It was a good but creepy read. I also read "The Man Without a Country" by Edward E. Hale. A classic that I seem to remember hearing about and finally got to read. It was quite good but very American, as it is meant to be. The movie was "The 40-year old Virgin"" and was a good laugh and good entertainment. Just what was needed by trail deprived hikers.



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