Thursday, September 08, 2005

Delaware Water Gap 8Sep05 Day84

I crossed into Pennsylvania today and there was no marker at the stae border. It didn't help that it was a bridge and the border is a river. I didn't realise bridges moved so much when trucks went by. This is really noticeable when you are walking on the side of the bridge. I did know they moved some, I guess I never realizxzed it was noticeable.

The 10 miles to town could have gone much faster but I realized I was really in no hurry. So I set a nice pace and tries to enjoy my last day in NJ. I stopped to enjoy Sunfish Pond and took some pictures. It is a glacial formed pond and due to its high acidilty, only a few things survive in it. This was also a clear case of the signs being set up only for nobos and us sobos getting nothing. After passing the pond, there were 2 signs, one was about the special features of the pond and the other informing us not to swim. Sveral people had hopping in for a swim although I passed it up. I did see quite a few deer. Rather stupid ones too. I was about 15-20 feet from some of them and they just stood there, looking at me, then they continued eating. I tried to get some pics but could only zoom in so much.

The road walk and town seemed quite long. It may have been that I was hungry and hadn;t had a break for awhile but it wiped me out. It was nice to relax at the hostel. Looks like I may go tubing on the river tomorrow with a group of hikers then there is a jazz thing going on this weekend. I could use a break and this may be a good time and place to do it.



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