Saturday, August 20, 2005

Dalton 20Aug05 Day 65

What a great day. I did about 8 miles in 2h45min in the morning then another 8 point something miles in 2h30min. And that was after a resupply. I managed to do a resupply from a hiker box and take a 5 hour break in town with everyone. Although it threatened to rain most of the day, it was good hiking weather as it was mostly cool/ The humidity did come in later in the day and made hiking harder but I still banged out the miles. I did end up with a soggy pack and backside. At first I thought I wasjust sweating a lot, but later I found out my other platypus spung a leak. Not only is it leaking by the hose attackment, it is also leaking from the top zip on one side. Replacing this bag should prove interesting, it is part of my gravity filtration system and is a special bag. I don't know if they are made anymore or if stores would carry them.

We seem to have just missed Mt. Squid. We saw him driving around but he didn't stop to talk or pick us up. This is fine as we really don't need road support, especially in a small town where the trail follows tge route to our hostel location. We are staying on the porch os someones house. This means free. Free is always good. We were supposed to stay at the Bird Cage place but he was full. Too bad because I wanted to do laundry at least and another shower would have been very nice. Tomorrow will be a slack day. Mostly because a couple of us need to make it to the post office Monday morning.



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