Sunday, August 14, 2005

Manchester Update

I am in Manchester center now. Bad Cheese, Steiner and I are in town until tomorrow. We have to stay at least overnight as there are some things at the post office we have to pick up. I will have to go through my bounce boxes and sort things out. There are things in the box that I am sure I will have no need of now especially if I can't remember what I put in the box. I will sort things down and just maintain one bounce box. The next town on the itinerary may be North Adams in Massachusetts. I am in better shape now than when I started and I can see that I am moving faster. Although I seemed to get a slow start, I think things will be better from now on. The shoe break in seems to be going okay now and I find I am flying along the trail nicely now even with some blisters. My knees still give me some problems from time to time. Most of it may just be stiffness but I may be overextending myself on some sections of the trail. I did blast my way up 2.5 miles of mountain in 1 hour. Great time, sore knees, wonderful sunset view. In all a wonderful time.



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