Friday, August 19, 2005

Mt Greylock 19Aug05 Day 64

What a day. We were supposed to shoot for 24 miles to make up for the slacking we did but we fell short by about 3.5 miles. Instead, we ended up staying on top of Mt Greylock. We got nice hot showers and we dried some of our clothes by the fireplace. All in all a very nice day. We stopped at the grocery store in North Adams to grab a quick bite and at least one person had to resupply. I will wait until Dalton to resupply. We still have not caught up to Bad Cheese but at least Steiner should be able to make the post office tomorrow before it closes. From here, Dalton is about 17 miles and we should be able to make that.

Today marks the start of a new state, Massachusetts. I think if also marks 600 miles but no one is sure. We were also presented with Mt Greylock, our first significant climb in several days, if not longer. We flew up the side at 2 miles per hour and made very good time. That is until we hit this really sharp turn. There was a trail register that distracted us and several of us took the wrong trail down and lost some time. Just one more adventure. I did run out of water on the way up due to setting my pack down on my mouth piece. I really should find a way to shorten the hose, otherwise I should trim it to a more manageable length. I will see what I can do about it in Dalton. I will also try to fix the slow leak in my air mattress. I wake up several times and find I need to add air more frequently.

I had my butt handed to me again in hearts. I didn't even try to get any hearts and still I lost, quite spectacularly too. One day I will beat them.



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