Monday, August 15, 2005

Manchester Center 15Aug05 Day 60

Today was a rather unexpected zero day. One of my bounce boxes didn't arrive but the important one did. I cleaned out my pack again and divided my box into stuff I may need and stuff I no longer need. I finally parted with the old stove and water filter. I also received a silk bag liner to sleeo in as my bag is too warm and I was starting to worry about its cleanliness. At least now I can sleep in the liner on top of my bag and not worry about bugs or stares. I also mailed out more journal entries. I typed some of them in the other day to help as I had time. While at the post office, I bumped into Frakenfeet and Toothfairy. It was nice to catch up with them. They were both in great spirits which is good to see on the trail.

For supper, we all had cheap, store brand pizza and the best corn ever. I find I am appreciating things more now that I can't have then when I want them.



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