Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Bennington 17Aug05 Day 62

It is very nice to be able to consistently walk 2 miles per hour. It makes the day more predictable when I know when I will arrive at a sight location. I made good time during the day. I also went up the Glasenbury fire tower and got some good views.

We opted to go into town as a group as we had heard there was a movie theater in town. We watched "The Wedding Crashers" then hit McDonalds for supper. Since Steiner and I got a ride separately from the boys, they came through town at a different point. They found us a good steath camping spot in town. We ended up sleeping in the twon park in a small covered bridge. We fit 4 people in and Bouie slept in the Gazebo. We were so close to the road and very visible but it was free. The town is looking to be more hiker friendly. Hope they don't regret it later.



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