Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Stratton Day 26 Tuesday

Another town, another zero day. This time I can blame it on my parents. They came down to visit me but on the upside I did get some lighter gear. I will be switching over to an alcohol stove and bleach to treat my water. I did make it to Rangeley and the outfitters but couldn't exchange my leaking platypus. Most people here at the hostel have moved on. Niko and Jon made it in but Stone Passer and Mr. Natural are still out there.

I am not sure my pack is any lighter. Maybe a little weight loss that is made up in food weight. I also have not added water weight yet either. That will add about 4 lbs for 2 liters. I guess only trail time will tell. I will still be carrying my old stove and filter until I get the alcohol stove tested and used to the bleach then I can lose more weight. I also got my crocs so my feet wil be happier.

I uploaded some pics today. I only put two on the blog but the rest are on Flcker. I put a line in the slidebar also. I took quite a few pics. Some are just idfferent angles of the same view.



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