Monday, July 11, 2005

Stratton Day 25 Monday

Today was not nearly as thought as yesterday was. It was 5 miles to the road with some up but mostly down. It was sad losing all that elevation especially when the mosquitos started biting. I also know that when I leave Stratton tomorrow I will have to make back all that elevation and some in one big push. I will relax today in preparation for tomorrow.

I am staying at a hiker hostel and so are most of the people I was hiking with. I was sad to find out that Rogue Rooster has left the trail. I read her last register entry and she seemed happy with the decision. I hope Stone Passer also gets a chance to read the entry too. He was closer to her than I was. I also found out that alpine, who Stone PAsser was trying to catch up to, has also left the trail. But I did meet Lady Bug and Big Fish. It is very interesting to read other register entries and then meet the people behind them. I read these entries never thinking I will catch up to them. Then they take a few extra zero days or slow days and there they are.

Looks like I will be taking another zero day. Seems everytime I hit town, I take a zero day. I hadn't planned on taking one but my parents insisted on coming down to visit. So I will enjoy a zero day with them. Hopefully I can lighten my pack weight with the stuff they are bringing me. I will be trying out an alcohol stove which weighs about as much as an empty soda can. Probably because it is made from an empty soda can. I will also get a smaller pot and smaller pack. Taking a zero day might give the people behind me a chance to catch up. Ithink I can also catch up to the group I was travelling with sometime, either in Andover or Gorham. It will depend on how fast they start moving and how motivated I am to catch up. It is really nice travelling with a group. There is something to look forward to at camp. I still need to learn to take more breaks which I am moving from lean-to to lean-to. Seems that in the woods there are no good break areas and the summits are cold and windy. Not that bumming around a lean-to is the greatest thing ever but at least there's company.



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