Saturday, July 09, 2005

Little Bigelow Lean-To Day 23 Saturday

I was supposed to make for Safford Notch campsite but it was a very rainy night that continued into the day. I got a late start in the hopes it would stop but it didn't. I hope tomorrow is better because I would really like to make the next shelter. That would still get me to Stratton on Monday. I am glad I picked up my raincoat from my bounce box. Wish I had picked up my rainpants so I could keep my pants dry. We are a full shelter. Ther are 6 of the 9 sobo's from the last shelter are here plus a group of nobo's pulled in for the night. I am hammocking again tonight. Hopefully the rain will stop and the fly will dry out.

Looks like nothing much happened today. Since it was raining, I spent most of my time looking down to make sure I wouldn't slip and fall. Due to this, I did have some north bounders come up on me quite suddenly. I did manage 7.3 miles in 4 hours. Tomorrow looks to be about 10 miles with some signifcant elevation gain. I really hope this storm passes before that. Might be another late start tomorrow.



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