Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Bald Mtn Lean-To Day 19

The appalachian trail is quite tought at times. Maybe it's just Maine but there are some very rugged sections here. Sometimes it seems due to the limited maintenance the trail received. Yet today the trail took me over 2 fords, several swampy areas and under a rocky overhang. It was quite unnerving to step under this massive rock slab that was balancing there on another large rock. There were two of these ovehangs with a deep crevice. I stopped to snap some photos but I don't know if they will convey just how impressive it was.

Today was a 10 mile day. There were some impressive views from the summit of Moxie Bald Mtn. It was hazy but otherwise clear. We are getting rain with thunder and lightening. I was going to hammock again but decided I didn't want to deal with a wet tarp in the morning. Also, I sent my rain gear to Caratunk to cut down on weight.

I had a change to go for a swim when I hit the lean-to. So I grabbed my towel and went down to the stream. Access was a little hard but I was looking forward to the dip. Unfortunately the water was quite cold. Too cold for me to fully submerge. So instead I had a spash bath then struck my head in to wet my hair.

Today was mostly a good day. My feet took me the 8 miles to the summit with almost no pain. It was the last 2 miles down hill that seemed to cause most pain. I didn't use my gators today and there was almost no foot pain but there was forest floor litter in the bottom of my boots. Guess I can handle flat and up but not down when it comes to my feet. I do still have trouble going uphill much faster than a snail's crawl.

I started reading "The Wedding" my Nicholas Sparks. He also wrote "The Notebook" which is like the prequel. The book is very good so far and hard to put down. While this is normally a good thing, out here in the shelter, it comes across as asocial. I will have to finish it quickly or hold off and limit my reading time.



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