Sunday, July 10, 2005

Horns Pond Lean-To Day 23 Sunday

Today was a tough hike. Since I didn't make Safford Notch, I had to go over Little Bigelow Mt and Mount Bigelow in one day. The elevation gain on little bigelow was small but the elevation gain on Mt. Bigelow was brutal. The last 3 miles were very hard because my feet and knees were so sore. I did take a dip in the pond and washed some of the accumulated mud off my legs. The morning was a little drizzly but eventually it cleared and the sun came out. When I got to the shelter I dried out my hammock fly. I decided to stay in the shelter tonight in an attempt to get a good night's sleep. In the hammock, I am forced to sleep on my back or side, but after the knee pounding I took today I wanted to sleep on my stomach. I am glad for the decision as it has started to rain again. I hope my boots dry out overnight but I don't think they will.

The tallest mountain today was over 4000 ft. While climbing up to the Summit, a helicopter landed on top and some fire marshals got out. There had been a lightening strike earlier so they were checking for fire. The views from the summits were absoltely amazing. I was so happy the sun was out and the views were great. It is such a disappointment to get to a summit and either have no view due to bad weather or no view due to the trees on the summit. In the second case, it is sometimes hard to tell if you are on the summit.

At the last lean-to there were natural, Stone tubs along the river. It is a shame the weather was so bad because I would have liked to have checked them out. The privy at the last lean-to was a two-shitter. I am not sure who would want to share a prvy but the option is available. Here at this site there are two lean-tos and to privy with several tentsites. There are caretakers here too. We sat and talked with them for a while and they are really nice. Seems like a sweet job.

Tomorrow I will be in Stratton. I will stay the night and head out the next day. Hopefully I can get everything done in that time. I think I will take 4 days to get to Rangeley just to take it somewhat easy as it is quite mountainous.



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