Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Caratunk -- The Forks Day 20

I was supposed to stop and camp at Pleasant Pond Lean-to, but when I got there I was cold, wet and miserable. It started raining at some point during the mountain climb. Rather than stop and hole up, I foolishly pressed on. I figured another 6 miles would be fine if it gets me a shower and bed. Although, since there appears to be no laundromat, the shower is moot if I have to put dirty clothes on. I am sharing a 2 person ten-cabin with another thr-hiker. Turns out the place we would have stayed has plumbing problems so he drove us down to the brewery campgrounds. They have a swimming pool, hot tub, laundry, and hot showers. Iwill do some laundry tomorrow, resupply and find out if they have a work for food. I will also go to the post office and see if my bounce box is here. I would like tmy raincoat and a few other things but I am not sure I really need them or not. I think I will take the coat and giude book then bounce the rest. I will leave Friday to catch the 9:00 Ferry ride. The Kennebec River is fordable but dangerous so the official route has always been a ferry. The ferry is provided free but runs limited hours. I will not try to ford the river but will catch the ferry at 9:00, the earliest time possible.

I had a chance to soak my feet and knees in the hot tub. Although the water was not very hot, it still felt good. I notice I tend to stay up late when I am in town compared to on the trail. Lately, I walke up with the sun and go to bed as it is setting. So tonight was line of the first chances I have had to stargaze. There was some cloud cover but still good views. I could only recognize the Big Dipper but there were lots of stars to see. I also saw a few fireflies as I was walking back from the lodge house. I will read more of "The Wedding" to try to finish it while I can. I would like to lose the weight. I will also be another map lighter. I have finished 4 of 7 of the Maine Maps.



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