Thursday, July 07, 2005

The Forks Day 21 Thursday

My zero day. A day that is meant to be relaxing and restful. And I go and walk to the post office in sandals and get some right nice blisters. On a good note, they are not on the bottom of my feet. I am staying free at the campgrounds and I got free food today. I will tape them up before leaving. I made it to the post office and more importantly, so did my bounce box. So I took my raincoat out of the box and added teh book I as reading. I just finished it this morning and it was very good. I am glad I read it.

The rest of the gang pulled in today and we found out about the trail magic they received. Since I didn't know if anyone would stop or if I could get a fire going, I chose to move on rather than sit there wet and cold. So that evening someone pulls in with a big pot of spaghetti and pork chops. Lucky buggers.

I resupplied today and I picked up some breakfast bars. Lunch is always a problem as it is hard to find something that is good, easy, light and requires no cooking. I had been just eating random things like granola bars but I thought I would try breakfast bars this time. Breakfast is generally oatmeal and supper is noodle side dishes. Sometimes I add tuna. Most times I have to add curry powder to zip it up some. I still don't have much of an appetite. When I pull into a shelter I am hungry and will munch on something but when supper rolls around a few hours later I am uninterested. I guess my appetite just hasn't kicked in yet. Everyone else has noticed that they have an increased appetite so maybe it will kick in soon. The next 20 miles are relatively smooth and easy but after that are some tough mountains that will be over 4000 feet. I hope the views are good.

The days here have been quite warm. Almost hot yet the nights still get quite cool. In fact it is almost cold at night. We are in cabins made of canvas that have beds. I slept in my sleeping bag under 2 blankets and was cosy but not hot. I didn't want to get up this morning due to the cold. I instead stayed in bed and finished that book. My arm was like an ice cube when I finished, but it was worth it. I ate breakfast and lunch out of my food supply then had some chicken pie at 3 given to me. After that was a pint of ben and jerry's. So I didn't have to spend much on supper. I am trying to watch hhow much I spend. I just dropped some money to get a lighter hammock so I can send the behemoth I am carrying home. That will save about 2 lbs. I think I can then fit everything into my smaller, and lighter pack which will save more weight. I will also go with my smaller pot, lighter rain gear and hopefully an alcohol stove. These stoves are really light but have only 2 settings, on and off. Basically it is a reservoir you fill with denatured alcohol and you light it. But they are basically made of of a soda can. So they are very light.



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