Sunday, July 03, 2005

Shaw's -- Monson 3 Jul 05 Day 17 Sunday

Today was a nice relaxing day. I didn't really have to worry about anything. At least on the hiking side of things. I did have to remember to go to the BBQ place to do dishes. Mostly today was all about relaxing and letting my mind and body heal some. I am happier for it too. My pack weight is now at ~35lbs. I washed dishes to help with the cost of the stay here, and I talked to my parents. All good things. I will be hitting the trail tomorrow with a bunch of people and most of us will stay at the first shelter in.

My parents will be coming down to meet me in Stratton. I aksed if my father could make me an alcohol stove. These things are so small and light compared to the behemoth I am now carrying so I should be able to drop more pack weight. I think I will ask them to bring my smaller, lighter pack. And try to shove everything in that. I am not sure I will stay in Caratunk. Only if my mail drop doesn't make it. I think I will resupply, let my parents know when I will be in Stratton, then dash back out. I will be zeroing in Stratton with my parents.

I did about 2h15min of work at the BBQ place and made $15. Not only that, but they are such nice people, they stuffed me full of food. I had some absolutely wonderful fresh squeezed lemon juice, great pulled pork, corn of the cob, and the best strawberry shortcake. I think the trail is making me appreciate things more, especially food. I must have had about 4 glasses of milk or chocolate milk since I got here. I do think I massively overate as my stomach ached for awhile afterwards. But my metabolism seems to be ramping up due to the hiking. I have lost some weight. Mostly the weight I put on while at home eating my mother's good eats.

I did start my period today and will have to deal with that while on the trail. I am looking forward to being back out there but not with this added bonus. Hopefully a lighter pack will keep me happy. Or at least keep my feet happy.



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