Friday, July 08, 2005

West Carry Pond Lean-To Day 22 Friday

This was a 13.7 mile day wich was hard to do after a zero day. The terrain was relatively flat so I made good time up until I had 2 miles left. The the feet, ankles, and back started to really complain. I am still not in shape for this and really need to try to take more breaks. I was hiking with three other people and it is harder to just stop and take a break. Since they will be going further tomorrow than me, I will not be hiking with them. There are two people here who seem to hike at my pace so I may join them for a bit.

I am in the hammock tonight. The shelter was looking a little crowded and the mosquitos have been very opportunistic so I didn't want more bites. I also figure that I am carrying the damn thing, I better use it.

Tonight there is a really good fire going in the fire pit. I am sitting near the fire in shorts and it is keeping me toasty against the chill that is starting to set in.

the big group I was travelling with has split up. Nico, Stone Passer, and Mr. Natural didn't take the ferry over the Kennebec. Aqua Jon decided to stay at the 3.7 shelter so he could catch a big breakfast at the campgrounds nearby. Tomorrow I will try for Safford Notch Campsite. Maybe more of the group will be there. After that I should be able to get out my Monday. I will stay the night, bounce my box then head for Rangeley. My parents will come down and visit with me. So that will be another zero day.

Tomorrow doesn't look too bad with little bigelow mountain. But Sunday will be Bigelow Mtn which is over 4000 feet. hope my knees are okay with it. I have several camping options along the way so I will stop at each and see how I feel. There is a chance of rain tomorrow which means I may not make the distance. I may also want to keep up with the tooth fairy and MacGyver to get to know them. They seem to hike the same speed as me and also about the same age.



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