Saturday, July 02, 2005

Shaw's -- Monson 2 July 05 Day 16 Saturday

I made it out. Finally! I ws really happy to see the road. These last 3 miles of wilderness seemed to take forever yet I made good time. I didn't really try very hard to hitch out. I just started walking. Eventually I got picked up and it turns out it was the owner of Shaw's boarding house, the place I had planned on staying. So that worked out really well. Turns out he was just dropping Moose Charmer back off to continue her hike. So here at Shaw's is most of the group I had been travelling with and Stone Passer also made it in today, too. That was great. It was nice to see him again.

I borrowed some clothes from the hiker box so I could get all my laundry washed. I think I will keep the boxer shorts. I also got a shower and food and I feel really good right now. I found out you can work for food or cash at the BBQ restaurant doing dishes. So I will be doing that tomorrow at 2:00. There will also be a fireworks display tomorrow night that a bunch of us will catch and I will join in on that too.

There are 2 girls here who have th4e untralight asyno hammock. Since they didn't know how to set it up I offered to show them. Also so I could check it out. I sent more weight on to Caratunk and now I am considering trading out my hammock for the ultralight. Althought I don't like how thin and flimsy it is, the weight and size savings is worth it. Imay still want to keep the extra large fly but that will defeat the weight loss problem. I will call home tomorrow and ask if my father can make me an alcohol stove so I can try it and replace my heavy behemoth. I am hoping I have lost enough weight to make hiking the next section more enjoyable.



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