Friday, July 01, 2005

Leeman Brooke Lean-To 1 Jul 05 Day 15 Friday

I was going to try to push out of the wilderness today but my feet are still giving me trouble. It seems they just do not like walking several miles in the woods. So for now I am just getting to the next lean-to and evaluating how I feel. Also, although I am only 3 miles to the highway, maybe it is cheaper for me to stay here than stay in town. I may still do a zero day in Monson but I am not sure.

I am still having a hard time with everything. I am physically sore and tired and this affects my mental state a lot. In the morning I feel good and strong but after an hour of hills, I am screaming inside in pain. I will make Monson tomorrow and I will set up a bounce box with some of the non-essentials and see how non-essential they really are. I will also put the hammock in the bounce box and do lean-to's for the time being just to lighten the load. Maybe with a lighter load I will be able to enjoy myself more often while getting in shape.

I had to do two fords today. One supposed to be a tought one and the othe reasier. Rather than get my boots wet again, I just went barefoot and although it was slow going, I made it across fine. The water was deep enough that the bottom of my shorts got wet but they were still damp from my washing them. The second crossing looked like a simple rock hopper. I got about halfway across then misstepped and took a tumble. It is really hard to hop to your feet with a heavy pack pulling you off balance. Needless to say I was soaked and had no idea how wet stuff in my pack was. I pushed on to the shelter, wet. When I got here I found that most things had survived the dunking including my sleeping bad and clothes which are in the bottom copartment. The toilet paper is a soggy wad though and I have to pee. Also, I was really distraught this morning when it appeared as if my fuel bottle walked off. After asking around i concluded it was gone and I was going to have to push out. Well, I was thrilled to find it in the bottom of my bag meaning I could stay and relay rather than force myself further.

Stone Pass was going ot try for Leeman today but it is getting late so I suspect he stopped at Wilson or maybe is camping somewhere along the way. There were a few mice sties along the trail. So I am sharing the shelter with Hanibal who had stayed with Stone Passer last night. Maybe I will see him in Monson tomorrow3 or the next, if I zero.

I am in dry, warm and somewhat clean clothes right now and I feel somewhat better. There was a book in the shelter called "the ghost with trembling wings" which is like Douglas Adams' "Last Chance." So far it is a good read so I will hold on to it until I am done.



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