Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inaugural Day

I picked a really bad time to fly out of the capital. All the bridges were closed to vehicular traffic except buses and taxis. I was planning on public transit anyways. My flight out left around 4, but I decided to leave at 12:30 opting to sit in an airport and be on time then to fight with unknown numbers of people to miss my flight. In the end, it was actually a little creepy to be traveling through sections of DC and not encounter any traffic and few people. Life goes on, but this was strange. At the last stop in the District the station was flooded with people and I was really glad I already had a seat. As the metro traveled over the overpass, I looked out and only saw a couple of buses and taxis on a normally crowded bridge. The airport was not too crowded when I arrived, but slowly became more and more crowded as people made their way back. I overheard people talking about how badly crowded the metro system was. So bad in fact that one couple decide to just walk to the airport. That must have been some walk. I'm really glad I left early. AT least I had some knitting to work on in the lounge.

I was flying out to Utah to enjoy my very first trade show for outdoor gear and equipment. My first introduction to Utah was getting rerouted to Colorado to refuel as there was a temperature inversion in Salt Lake City that was causing bad fog. They were landing planes but cautiously. We needed to refuel so we could circle waiting out turn. What fun. I wasn't sure I was even going to land that night and neither did the people I was staying with. I did eventually land around 11:00. I was warned there was a 2 year old who would be bumping around when he woke up at 4 in the morning. So that made for a very short night of sleep with a 2 hour time difference. Fun stuff. I am ready to go and enjoy the show though.



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