Monday, December 22, 2008

Wildoak backpacking trip

I signed up for a trip that I thought sounded fun. Guess I should read the descriptions a little better in the future. I didn't realize this was a 13 mile hike over two days. But I didn't think it would be so bad so I went anyways. Little did I know that the trail was very hilly with steep climbs over a broken ridge line. Everyone made it to the top of Little Bald, which was our half way point ad few people went on from that point. The majority of the group ended up camping the night at the top of the mountain. Since there was a fire ring, water, and flat area to camp this was no problem. The problem was the cold and wet weather, but we ignored it, built up a nice big fire and dug in. Everyone seemed to have had a blast in spite of the weather. I met some really nice people that I would love to hike with again, especially if we can all sit around the fire and yak like we did on this trip.

I felt a little bad for a few people. Other then some of us just being tired and a little lazy we did have some people who were not dressed or physically ready for this trip. One guy was wearing all cotton, the other guy had just gotten over the flu. He seemed to be fine until we were just short of the summit and then he was white as a ghost. It was a good thing we decided to stop. Plus I think we had more fun this way then if we had pushed it.



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