Friday, May 02, 2008

Cool new toy

I just received a really cool telescope last night from my boyfriend. It is small and compact and perfect for going on night hikes. He bought a really nice big one for himself that I am sure we will absolutely love. I'm know we will also love the small one since it is so portable. The stand is small but I think if it is set up on a blanket on the ground with the eyepiece turned downwards, it would be the perfect height. I also have two camera stands that can be used with it in a pinch. I would loose the fine tuning control but that is okay. I'm really happy to get it and I can't wait for us to get it out Monday night on the Meetup moon hike I have planned. The moon hike will be a new moon hike so perfect star gazing opportunities and apparently the start of the Eta Aquarids meteor shower. I'm hoping we will get to see some shooting stars. How cool would that be!

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