Monday, April 28, 2008

Lake Anna weekend

We were out this weekend at Lake Anna in Virginia. The lake is used by the nuclear electric plant as a tertiary cooling system. As such the lake is usually warmer then the air temperature. And we had fun playing in the lake with our kayaks. This was a teaching and learning weekend put on by the local paddling club. The club has several paddling piracies and our piracy had the best showing.

We had a lovely night paddle Friday night to explore the lake. It was a shame the sky was overcast as we couldn't see the stars until later when we had arrived back. For this event, my boyfriend was going as an assistant instructor and I as a student. I got to learn about different ways to do assisted and unassisted rescues and tried to further develop my forward stroke. My boyfriend was helping to teach rolling and forward stroke.

After the classes on Saturday, several people started goofing off which eventually lead to someone standing up in their kayak. So I thought I would try it too. I managed to stand up but didn't stay up for long. I was up longer the next time but it is certainly harder than it looks. I now have a lovely set of bruises on one leg from getting into and out of my kayak several times. My boyfriend worked on fine tuning his strokes and rolling, I think they look great but we are our harshest critic. Saturday night was bbq night with a large fire followed by a flares demonstration. People brought in their expired and old flares for people to play with. And with permission from the local authorities we got to watch flares going off in the rain. Yes, it rained, but that didn't really stop the fun.

Sunday morning was overcast but thankfully it had stopped raining. The two of us went out for a really nice leisurely paddle and got to enjoy the calm serenity of the lake. The air temperatures were cool and the water was warm so we paddled off into the mists. What a beautiful area. The rain came after we got off the water and changed into dry clothes, of course. We had to take down the tent in the rain and load the kayaks. What a wet mess. I'm glad I had rain pants with me.

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