Sunday, February 25, 2007

Ghost Rider

I went to see Ghost Rider this weekend. I had seen previews but other than that I hadn't read or heard of the graphic novels that this movie was based on. That might be why I enjoyed the movie when I had heard that other people didn't like it so much. As I had not expectation of the story line, I was able to enjoy it for what it was, a movie. The story centers around a daredevil who appears to be trying to kill himself. As the story progresses we soon learn that he has signed away future use of his services to the devil in exchange from some intangible item. Because of this he has isolated himself from the world and is living life one day at a time. Trouble arises when his old flame steps into his life again and the devil comes calling on his promise. The ending wraps up nicely. I didn't see the ending coming and was happy with the way it wrapped up. It was appropriate and fitting. It was not simply "the good guy wins" but rather "evil has been defeated through its own stupidity". All in all, very good. I kind of hope there is another movie in the works as I liked the characters and at the same time, sequels never live up to the first movie. Maybe I should go and check out the graphic novels now.

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