Sunday, February 11, 2007

Making bread and mittens

So I didn't make it out for that hike today. I really should ahve forced myself up and out but it was so nice just lying their in a warm bed. In the end, I cleaned up a little, then pitched the yeast in my beer and started baking some bread. I had all those grains left over from the beer making so I incorporated some of them in the bread dough. I made the bread late in the day then put it in the fridge for a cold overnight rise. I have never tried making bread this way so I will be curious how it turns out and how long it takes to rise in the fridge. After kneading the dough, I am not sure I put in enough grains, but for a first shot, it will be fine. I also put in more wheat flour this time than I normally do so I hope it isn't too dense. Guess I will find out in a few days.

I also had a chance to go to a knitting group but I decided to be really lazy today. I really should force myself to get out more often as I really don't have as many chances during the week. I did start making myself a pair of mittens that are turning out quite nicely. I am mostly finished one mitten in just the few hours I was knitting. Can't wait to finish the set.

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