Friday, February 09, 2007


There was no official TGIF this week but a few of us did go over to the Hoya bar on campus and had a good time. I stuck around with the guy in the lab next door and we stayed until the bar closed then left. He's really nice and brews beer too, but I am just not sure he is interested. I had a chance to try an amaretto sour, which was very good. I also had a shot of tequila, not quite so good but I guess you have to try things at least once or be more drunk when trying them. The buffalo wings were dangerously good and there were three people who ordered plates at different times, so there were always wings around to tempt. I think I blew my waist-line, I am going to have to watch that. All in all though I had a really good time. I am expecting the guy from the next lab over tomorrow to help with bottling beer. Should be fun.

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