Saturday, February 10, 2007

Bottling beer

Today was beer bottling day. I had a 2.5 gal batch and a 1 gal batch. The 1 gal batch was the pepper beer and unfortunately part way through the filling process, the bottling attachment flew off and I sprayed beer all over the kitchen floor and myself. Talk about having a beer shower. Luckily I put my thumb over the end and kept the loss down to a minimum. I never did find my grease pencil so this time I used different caps for the different beers, but next time I will have to go out and buy another. The white beer was also bottled and went much smoother after I figured out to really push the bottling tube up into the tubing. I filled about 10 24oz bottles and several smaller 12oz bottles. I also ended up with a bottle of half white and half pepper beer, just to save the dregs. Not sure how that will turn out but I will see. I also checked the 5 gal batch and it was ready to have fresh yeast repitched and put in the keg. So in a few days I will have to wash the keg and get it ready for the beer.

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