Friday, July 15, 2005

Little Swift River Campsite Day 29 Friday

I saw a grouse today. Other than that, I just saw the usual flora and fauna that I have been seeing. Today I summitted Saddleback Range which consists of 3 peaks. The skies were clear and cloudless so the views were amazing and impressive. I can see Mt. Washington and Mt. Katadhin from the summit of Saddleback. Most of the ridgeline is above treeline and it was very windy today. I did stop and take some breaks at the 2 major summits. That most likely accoutns fro the sunburn on my arms and neck. Most likely on my face too, but I can't see that.

I pulled a 15.5 mile day in the hopes of catching up with some people. I made it to the tentsite and got to use the new ultralight hammock for the first time. The fly is rectangular which was a little hard to work the first try but otherwise it is good. I found out from a section hiker that my fellow soboers are at the next lean-to 4 miles away. Maybe I will catch them tomorrow at Bemis lean-to. I hope they don't pull a long day.

This was a long day. My knees and feet ache. I took some tylenol to help with some of the pain. Normally I don't take anything but this time I am trying it to see if it helps with the morning aches and stiffness. I did take several nice breaks today and I neven got my boots off but I think it will still be too much. Tomorrow will be shorter but will still be over 10 miles. Hopefully I catch up and the remaining days to Andover are shorter. I have found that although I have had company the last two nights, I miss the people I was travelling with. I hope we become good friends and keep in touch. I actually find that I miss some of their presences at night as they are quite characters. They liven up the lean-to at night.



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