Thursday, July 14, 2005

Poplar Ridge Lean-To Day 28 Thursday

With all the miles I did in the last 2 days, and the ups and down associated with thtme, I am surprised my feet aren't more sore. This is good. It means I am making some progress in getting in shape. My knees to get some pain in them that I am not sure will go away. At least a good nights rest resets most pain or at least replaces it for stiffness. My pack has been causing me trouble as it hurts my shoulders. I have been trying to adjust it all day but it still hurts. I am not sure if it is from existing pain or because of the pack.

I did 11.5 miles with more frequent breaks than I normally do. I think that has been helping in the foot department. It may also be helping in the staying hydrated department too. Every time I want to stop, I look for a nice cool stream then I guzzle cool water during my rest. I also try to rest my feet and shake out the forest floor. Without the gators on, I tend to accumulate a lot of pine needles and leaves in my boots. Unfortunately, the gators makde me hot and sweaty plus I was getting a strange tan only on my knees.

Today was mostly nice. There was some rain but it mostly held off until I hit the shelter. I hope tomorrow it is nice because the views on Saddleback are supposed to be really good. Also because the rocks above treeline were polished smooth by the glaciers and rain will make for very dangerous climbing. I think I will hole up here if it is raining as it is not worth it.

The alcohol stove works well. I have to give it a chance to warm up before I can set the pot on top. Otherwise it smothers the flame. I still am not sure how much fuel to put in or how much I can put in without it leaking. I just dump some in then and more if I need to.



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