Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Baldpate Mt. Lean-To Day 34 Wednesday

Ended up doing another short day. I got to the top of East Baldpate, sat down and relaxed. Just when I was getting ready to leave, Niko showed up. So I stayed longer and we few a kite on top. His trail name is now Kite. Climbing Bladpate was crazy and steep but the other side was much nicer. I am enjoying these short days but that will change over the next few days. I will be trying to avoid the paysites which will mean longer days or stealth camping. This will go over most of the Whites.

Tonight is much cooler than the last few nights. There is hardly any humidity which has made for nice hiking. Hopefully it will stay cool for a while. It makes for good hiking and sleeping. Tomorrow will also have a lot of climbing so I hope it stays cool. I will try to get to Full Goose Pond Lean-to tomorrow but I will have to take Mahoosuc arm down then Mahoosuc Notch across. there will also be two rather hefty climbs to tackle. I will try to get going earlier to be able to take breaks as needed but still make the 12 miles.



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