Saturday, July 16, 2005

Bemis Mountain Lean-To Day 30 Saturday

The moose kept me up most of the night. I should have got up and checked out what they were doing. Sounded like they were eating in the lake. I did find that the hammock was very low to the ground. It may be because it was the first time used and cords may have stretched. Good thing I set it up high.

I pulled another long day today. About 13 miles and some tough climbs but I did catch up to some of the extended gang. I will have just enough food to take my time pushing out. Tomorrow will be a 12 miler then either a push out that day or an easier next day. I think I will not do another big day so I should only do the 12 miles to the next shelter. Andover is the next town stop. I dont' think town stop will be the same without the guys. I may have to slow down so they can catch up. I have found that I miss their company.

I saw another grouse today. I still haven't got a picture of a moose either. I crossed another bald mountain top and got more sun. I think I should either start using the sunscreen or I should send it home. It was very hot and since there was no wind it was like I was under a broiler.



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