Friday, May 14, 2010

Busy week

This was a busy week. We only have a couple weeks left to finalize our plans then we are hitting the trail. We are going to hike the AT and this time I'm going much lighter than the last time. I have been trying to finalize gear, and make sure we have what we need. I think I have all the gear I need. I'm looking into getting a quilt which will lighten up my sleeping system and hopefully will work well for me considering I am a cold sleeper and when I sleep it is on my stomach.

We have our new data book which I scanned so I have a digital copy on my nook. I am not sure the nook will go along for the entire trail but it will be nice to read at the beginning. Reading was the one thing I noticed I missed most on the first trip, so I started carrying books when I found them. This time I can take about 16 Gb worth book for the low low price of 14 oz. Hopefully we will have the time and energy to hike the Long Trail too, but we will figure that out when we get there. The Long Trail, just like the Appalachian Trail is part of a three trail network. The Long Trail is part of the Triple gem which also includes the John Muir and Colorado Trail. The Appalachian Trail is part of the Triple Crown which also includes the Pacific Crest and Continental Divide Trails. Maybe one day we will complete the Triple Crown and by doing the Long Trail we will also have completed the Triple Gem.

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