Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I saw a commercial the other day for the Toyota Prius. I feel bad for Toyota that they had this gas pedal and break issue with their vehicles because I want to see hybrids and more importantly electric cars start taking a bigger portion of the automotive market. But how sad it is that my Volkswagen Jetta is getting at least 33 mpg on the highway and just this last trip managed to get about 40 mpg if not more. Why do I want am electric or hybrid vehicle that only get 32 mpg. Yes I know there are people out there who have hyper miled the heck out of their Prius's and manage to get 100 mpg but what does the average driver get? I do some hyper miling with my Jetta and get reasonable mileage so would I be able to do better in a Prius. For now I'm sticking with the Jetta only because it is still in pretty good shape for a 10 year old car.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, the '92 Honda Civic VX could get up to 70 mpg (Canada that is eh?) on the highway and I DID get it. This is even better than the "Stupid" sardine car. SO, why can't they make them like they used to???

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