Friday, January 02, 2009

Happy New Year!!

Rather then do the standard party this new year, a group of use decided to set up a trip to Assateague Island in Maryland (also the same island as Chincoteague in Virginia). As this was car camping we could bring whatever we wanted. So we had a big party with a big fire and potluck style food for supper. Only problem was it was extremely windy down on the beach where we were supposed to camp. We couldn't set up our tents. So we broke down and bought the non group sites and set up in the shelter of the trees, scraggly as they were. A few people actually left because they thought we couldn't get a fire going, nor that we could stay warm. Oh well, their loss. We had a great time and I mixed up some music that everyone seemed to like. Yeah huge music library.

On the drive in, I saw a few wild ponies, but since we were looking for the site and some people who had already arrived I didn't get a chance to get any pictures. Come to think of it, I didn't get any pictures of the beach on the Atlantic side. I did managed to get a picture of a pony as we were leaving the next morning. That was pretty cool. I'm glad I managed to get one. Isn't the same, visiting an island with wild ponies and not having a picture of one. I think the smaller group of people we ended up for on this trip made for a better time. We were almost all hikers or backpackers, so we could joke and laugh about trail humour and gear. I definitely hope to make this an annual event. I hope everyone else does too.



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