Sunday, December 28, 2008

Car Camping

I had a day hike planned for the Friday but only two people RSVP'ed that they could go. In generally I have found that if there are less then five people RSVP'ed for an event, that is just isn't worth running the event as no one will show up. IT is a shame because this was an event to go down to see the Christmas trees that the capital decorate each year. Plus there is a tree decorated for each state by each state that I thought would be really cool to see. Alas, I cancelled the trip and went car camping with a few friends instead. I had a really great time in spite of leaving at the last second and driving for several hours. The weather was actually quite nice for December and I was quite warm in my 15 F sleeping bag. In fact one night, I had to actually vent air. We had found a really nice camping area just off the Appalachian Trail and had a fire pit and dry wood. We day hiked the area and found a few other great sights to set up at which would make great star gazing trips. Or trips for beginners as the trail in wasn't too long or too hard. So many trips to plan and do, not enough time. Is there any way to do this full time?



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