Saturday, August 16, 2008

Ghost Fleet of Mallows Bay

The kayaking group went out to paddle around the ghost fleet of Mallows Bay. It was a beautiful day and the 2+ mile crossing was nice if a little long in the sun. The ghost fleet consists of a fleet of old steamer boats that were built around the turn of the century for the war effort (not sure which war). It turned into a White Elephant for the government and so they decided to strip the boats of useful parts, burn the wood and recover the steel for another use. After trying to salvage from a few of the steamers and seeing how much work was involved, it was decided to sink the remaining 70+ ships. Today they are a part of the river bank and form small islands and a marine environment for fish and various other creatures. It was really spectacular to kayak around the old hulks of the steamers. From the small spit of land we stopped for lunch on it was also possible to see the outlines of some of the steamers to get an idea of how big they were. It was a really cool trip. On the way back, we stopped at a ferry that was also sunk but still standing mostly out of the water, so we landed on the ferry and explored around it a little. Looked like there was a large birds nest on the ferry. It was a lovely day.



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