Monday, May 26, 2008

Three Ridges Backpacking

A friend organized a big backpacking trip that started on Thursday and ended Tuesday. We joined up with the group Friday late afternoon. It was about a 3 hour drive from DC and we thankfully left early enough to avoid most of the traffic. Apparently everyone gets the same idea to leave town at the same time. Although this was Memorial Day weekend so it is understandable for this weekend. It is a traffic nightmare. We also took an alternate route which helped us avoid much of the traffic. The trip called for us to set up a base camp then do day hikes from that location. This worked out very nicely and meant we could carry up all kinds of luxury items for use at the base camp but not worry about lugging the extra weight around during the day hikes. I brought in a camp chair to help save my knees.

On Saturday we hiked up to look out peak then around and down a side trail with a waterfall. I took some pictures with my film camera. I hope the pics turn out. Not sure if I will be scanning any in to post but I will try to get one in if there is one worth posting. Saturday turned out to be a really long day. We had to hike out 1.6 miles to get to the cars then shuttle over to the trail head and drop a car at the trail end. Then we hiked 7 miles over ups and downs, then a further 1.6 to get back in to camp. We were exhausted. I don't remember cooking much for supper. We did eat but it was pretty light fare.

Sunday was a much flatter hike and was another waterfall. We had about 7 stream crossings to get to the waterfall. It was kind of fun but after the first 3 crossings, it started to wear thin. The water was cold. I ended up pulling wool socks on halfway through to help keep my feet warm on the crossings. I had on some capris pants that I am testing and they were just short enough to stay mostly dry which was nice. I also noticed on this trip that even though I mostly wore braces, I didn't experience any knee pain. Mostly I was tired from the long miles but no knee pain. This is a good sign. I am not sure if this is from the almost two years of trying to not use them or if this is from taking glucosamine/chondroitin. I just hope this is an improvement that keeps up and doesn't backslide.

We left Sunday after the waterfall hike. Even though I wanted to stay an extra night, I didn't really want to hike back up to the base camp. The next morning we were both glad that we left a bit earlier.

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