Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Frye Notch Lean-To Day 33 Tuesday

Today was a short hiking day but it felt much longer. I only had about 5 miles to hike but my pack seemed to weigh me down more than usual. I did remove my stove, fuel bottle, and water filter from my pack. With 5 days of food and some water, my pack is now at approximately 32 lbs. Once I am finished with the book, I will try to make it my last. Other than that, the only way to lose more pack weight would be to carry less food or replace gear.

I only did a small day today for several reasons. Mostly, I wanted the guys to catch up to me but also I really felt excluded from the other group I was travelling with. The fact that it started raining, then thundering was also a good deterrant for moving forward. I think the slower next few days will be nice especially since Mahoosuc Notch is very close.

I have never spent a night to myself at a shelter. It seems there is always at least one other person for company. Today I met some people who were in front of me, according to the registers. They took a few zero days for various reasons and all ended up here today. For 3 people, it was a reunion as they had hiked together before. I was introduced to Cangy Gorp and Black Jack Gum. The Candy Gorp contained Jelly Beans, Skittles, Sweet Tarts and Good&Plentys. The Gum was Black Licorice flavoured and was very good. I can't chew gum for very long as it hurts my jaw since I am not used to it.

I don't think I have been getting enough sleep lately. I find I get very tired early in the night. I then drag around camp for a while waiting for it to be bed time. Then when bedtime does come around, I can't sleep. Bedtime is also early, like when it starts to get dark. This only works because I get up with the sun. Acutally it doesn't work and I have trouble waking up and I can't sleep at night.



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