Friday, January 22, 2010

More winning stuff

Last year I was at the Outdoor Retailer show and I won a drawing to kayak for 6 days with the Whales in Baja. I was more then a little surprise and totally thrilled. The only reason I was even entered was because I had an appointment with the company to sign them up to test gear with us. I feel the only reason I won was because about three of the names they called hadn't bothered to show up and so I was the last name called. I liked that the person doing the drawing started off with the first looser. The first item given away was for a wet/dry pack. The next 6 where for posters of prints from a Canadian wildlife artist who is doing the Wild Image Project. Several of the names called hadn't shown up so that left me the final winner. It was amazing how quickly the crowd dispersed after that. I got my photo taken and traded cards with people before my boyfriend showed up. I had to call him over to inform him that we were the lucky recipients of a kayaking trip. There is a picture of the two of us somewhere out there hugging and laughing.

So this winter show, I was again entered into a bunch of drawings. I didn't get most of the stuff I entered to win (too bad), but I did win the Woolrich drawing for a custom printed Thule car-top carrier. It was rather amusing as I hadn't tossed my card in, someone else did and it was after they already drew out a name for something else. Boy were they upset that I won and they didn't, they tossed their card in at the same time. So I am now the proud owner of a Woolrich imprinted car-top carrier. With that on my car I am guaranteed to never lose it in a parking lot again. It has the Woolrich plaid logo imprinted all over the top. I think it is pretty cool and amusing. I can't wait to actually use it. We tossed it into the back of the truck to get it home (it didn't fit it was that long) and it is sitting in the living room waiting for its first use. Although sadly we managed to scratch it up already.

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