Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Another successful NaNoWriMo

I once again participated in National Novel Writing Month. In spite of moving across the country, packing up my apartment and going on a crazy business trip, I did make my word count, barely. I did get off to a really strong start and might have finished up early ut I was railroaded by various things that lead to my not finishing my word count until about the day before the end of the month. I think that is the latest I have ever gone with this event. Normally I manage to get my words out and validate early then I am burnt out for the next year. I hope this year I can keep writing and finish the story. I ran out of words and time but I still have story. I hope to get my schedule settled and get some writing done. My goal would be to write a bit each morning since I am up earlier then I need to be. So if I can get it done before I leave for work, the better. But still a pretty cool thing to do. Maybe one of thee days I will get it published, in the meantime I am hoping to podcast the first novel once I finish this current novel. Keep an eye out here for more information about that. Not sure when that will happen though.



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