Thursday, December 24, 2009

Moving again

Found out an offer had been made on the condo so we jumped on it. The hope was that we would have some time to move, and that this would give us the freedom to pick up and eventually go hiking. Well the anticipated move date was less than ideal with the guy asking us to be out in less then a week right during the Christmas break. In order to delay the inevitable we had to move the signing to the last possible day and the last possible hour. This gave us about a week and a couple of days. We managed to pack everything up, get a van and move all the stuff out. Needless to say, we didn't clean the place and didn't leave anything behind. We were planning on being a little nice and leaving behind a couple of things but we were so pissed with his rude treatment of us, that I didn't even leave toilet paper for him. Who thinks it is okay to require people to move out over Christmas when they are out of town enjoying the break?

To add to our new misery, the house we were looking at renting was rented out from under us. The woman who owned the house wanted to rent to us and was okay with giving us a short term lease. Her husband apparently was not okay with the short term lease and had a coworker sign for the place for one year. She was upset but obviously not enough to do anything about it. So I had to find another place, on Christmas eve no less. The new place is actually a bit bigger but not as nice. At least the rent is cheaper so we should be able to save up more money this way. Fingers crossed on that.

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