Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New Job

I just received some positive news from a job interview. They want to hire me which is great. I was out for the interview arriving on the Thursday then interviewing from 9 in the morning until almost 1 in the afternoon. It was a long interview but since I was not local, they couldn't exactly call me back in. The job sounds somewhat similar to what I am currently doing only with more bench work and experiments. This will be nice as I think I have fallen into a paperwork rut. It was also nice to come out to visit with my fiance. Living so far apart has been hard on both of us and I will be happy when we are closer together. This job is the step that will get us closer physically.

The interview was last week but since the Investigator was leaving for a long trip the next day I wasn't going to hear anything until today. That was one of the longest waits ever. We are so happy, but now comes the fun part of figuring out moving logistics and timing everything. I had hoped to be able to leave before the last New York business trip but I think it would be for the best of the lab if I did the trip and ensure the project doesn't fall apart before I leave. I so can't wait to get out there.

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