Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Lots of planning

We have been running around a lot lately trying to get things organized for our upcoming kayaking trip. I won a kayaking trip to Baja (yeah lucky me) to kayak with the whales for 6 days. We will be going with Alaskan Mountain Guides. We decided to upgrade to the 10 day trip to get the most out of our trip. But basically we have had to pull out all the packed gear and unpack it. Considering that we just moved and the gear was nicely packed up, this wasn't too much trouble. I then had to sort through most of it to determine what we needed to bring, what we didn't need and what we might like if there was room. We have the major items we need so far including the spray jackets and pants (I have dry pants), footwear, paddling gloves and the little things like eyeglass retainers and sun hat retainers. So far there is still stuff missing from the pile as we are also planning a big backpacking trip. So there are two piles of gear, kayaking stuff for the kayaking trip, and backpacking stuff for the backpacking trip. But in the end, some of the stuff in the backpacking pile will have to migrate to the kayaking pile as the kayaking trip is coming up first. We need to migrate over our sleeping bags, some of the clothes, and some food items plus eating utensils. I also have to follow up with them about a tent. They didn't say to bring one, but said to bring a ground sheet. So I can't tell if they are providing tents, or if we are camping out under a tarp. I don't mind the tarp if there is full coverage but if it rains, sand will get everywhere. So since we have a small tent, I think a tent will be making its way into our bag. I would love to bring my PFD so I can bring my kayaking hydration bladder. I might if there is room, but I get the feeling there will not be enough room. I am afraid I will forget my hydration bladder on the PFD they lend me. I'd love to bring my paddle too but I somehow doubt that would survive the flight (or if TSA will even allow me to carry it on). Hoping to get some great pictures on the trip and have a great time.

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