Sunday, August 10, 2008

Bow stall

We went out for a social white water paddling event. We actually had quite a group of people which was very nice. There was only one instructor at first but a couple of us went as a group to the Maryland chutes to play while the rest stayed with the instructor. We were later joined by two instructors and a few others from the main group. We had fun playing in the hole created by the current, but mostly we would get in then either pop out or flip over and come out. At one point I actually did a bow stall. The bow of my kayak got caught in the water but I was leaning back and I managed to keep the kayak upright while popping out of the hole. It was cool and scary at the same time. I feel like I am getting more confident with the current work. We had another guy with us who has been going to many of the social paddles as it was part of a package he bought. His skills have really improved a lot and it is really great to see that. Makes me more hopeful that I can improve my skills and handle the boat better. I hope to one day take my sea kayak out in the surf zone and play there. 18 feet will probably be harder to handle then a little 6 foot boat though. IT was a lot of fun. The weather and water are starting to cool down some so the warmer weather is staring to make its way back into the paddle bag. I think if I keep doing the white water thing, I might have to get my own spray skirt as I am a small and they don't always have a small in the truck. I might also have to get a helmet as I don't find the rental helmets that comfortable.



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