Thursday, August 07, 2008

Tropical Storm Hanna

The remnants of tropical storm Hanna passed through the area on Saturday. The area was mostly hit with wind and rain but at least the rain wasn't as heavy as it was further west. Apparently the DC area fell between the windy eastern portion and the rainy western portion of the storm. There was some minor flooding but I don't think there was any major damage which is good. All the kayaking and outdoor events were cancelled but a few people did make it out Sunday morning. A couple of us made it out Sunday afternoon and the water was still a little silty from the current. It was a nice day though with little wind. So we crossed to the other side of the Potomac were the water was a little clearer and practiced some rolling. I realized that rolling a sea kayak is a little easier then a white water kayak. Actually it is easier to flip the sea kayak upside down, in the end they are both about the same to roll back up.



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