Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Trip home

I decided to go home and visit with the family as I finally got my visa paperwork in order and I wasn't sure when I would have a chance to go again. It was good timing too as my father was leaving for work in Africa shortly and my brother was in town visiting too. I also had a HS reunion happening and was thinking of going but at the last minute the event coordinator canceled the event and put in a plan B event. Since I wasn't invited to the first event, I couldn't find the second event. All I could find was a listing for an ice cream in the park event for families. Not exactly what I wanted to go to. I eventually found the main site for the HS page that listed the upcoming events. And there was plan B, with 4 people having rsvp'ed for the event. I stayed home and spent some quality time with my family instead.

The drive was long and I didn't want to drive it but I had also received a used canoe that I wanted to drop off so I drove the 10 hours to get home. At least I had some podcasts to listen to. I just found Decoder Ring Theater. They set up their shows to be about 30 minutes long and in the old radio show style. They are lots of fun but after listening to about 20 of them, I found the commercial in the middle a little annoying. I think I like the Red Panda Adventures a little better then the Black Jack Justice show, and I haven't had a chance to get to any of their other shows. Worth checking out.

While the trip there was uneventful (driving at midnight does make a big difference to the number of idiots on the road and truckers are nice drivers), the drive back was a hassle. The car fortunately decided to break down only 15 minutes from home but the repair stranded me for another day in Montreal. And cost an arm and a leg. The water pump seized and killed the timing belt causing the car to stall. Good thing I was pulled over. Oh well. I had a good trip and I made it back in one piece so all was well.

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